If you've been told you have the diagnosis of elevated calcium, hypercalcemia or likely have hyperparathyroidism, but you haven't been provided with a clear road forward, then this book is speaking to you.

The Patient's Guide to Hyperparathyroidism written by Dr. Lawrence Gordon, provides a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the decisions influencing your care when you have been diagnosed with hypercalcemia or hyperparathyroidism.

Become a Patient at Advanced Parathyroid Surgery of New York

We want to make sure you receive the best care possible! In order to help expedite the process we’ve outlined a patient workflow for you.

1. Fill out the New Patient Intake Form.

2. Fax or send us your lab and radiology work at 845-531-4829 or

Please send us what you have. The common tests that we would expect to see include the following tests:

  • Serum or Ionized Calcium
  • Parathyroid Hormone Level
  • 24-Hour Urine Calcium
  • Vitamin D Level
  • Parathyroid Sestamibi Scan
  • Ultrasound of Thyroid/Parathyroid Glands

3. Please bring a copy of the radiology report and the CD images with you. You can obtain this from the imaging center that performed the tests.

4. Fax us a copy of your medical notes from your endocrinologist and/or internist.

Once we have received the requested labs, medicals notes and/or imaging reports and CDs we will schedule your appointment with Dr. Gordon.

Please make sure to bring a copy of your insurance card on the date of your appointment.